The mostsystem on the market.

The mostsystem on the market.

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Arizon air supported structures are recognised as the global leader in the manufacture and installation of air supported structures. From a cost and versatility perspective, you will find that Arizon air supported structures offer far more than traditional buildings and that Arizon offer far more than any other manufacturer. Arizon air domes have the same integrity as traditional buildings and meet the same construction/design standards, while costing a fraction of the price of traditional build methods.

Arizon Structures are sometimes referred to as domes, air domes, air bubbles, dome buildings, inflatable buildings, inflatable domes, dome shelters, indoor domes, air supported or fabric structures. While many fabric building companies only build one kind of building, Arizon Structures builds air supported fabric structures, frame supported fabric structures, and tension (or tensile) fabric structures. Many Arizon Structure installations are permanent, year-round buildings, but Arizon Structures also offers seasonal & temporary flexibility according to the application.

Arizon air supported structures come with the longest warranty in the industry, the longest design lifespan, the best internal playing conditions and climate control, are the most robust, with the highest snow and wind load capacities, the best back-up and support systems, and the widest range of insulation options.

An Arizon dome provides a wide range of proven, critical business benefits to our clients. Our domes are all custom built specifically to our client’s project requirements. This applies not just to the dome itself but, perhaps most importantly, to the air handling units we supply to pressurise and heat/cool the dome. Because of our long history as the market leader in the design and build of air handling units, our systems are by far and away the most efficient, resulting in huge, demonstrable savings every year in operating costs.

When costs are taken into account, Arizon air supported buildings are the most competitive on the market, while offering a much higher quality structure, much lower running costs per annum, a far higher standard of internal climate, and better warranty. In short, because of the quality of our production processes, engineering standards, and long history in the industry, we are never beaten on price.

Considering a conventional, metal or steel building for your open-span application? An Arizon Structure makes for a better investment.

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